The ancient world must’ve been a cool place if their structures are anything to go by. All around the world, the only things that remain of great civilizations are their crumbling structures.

They still tell a story of grandeur and innovation, even if a lot of the chapters have been lost to time. And many ancient societies really did have very cool building innovations. Like the ancient Vittala Temple in India.

Photo: YouTube/Sunil Krishnan

Not only is this location, which is in Hampi, India, a beautiful structure to take in, but it’s also got a really cool feature. This cool feature was captured on camera by filmmaker Sunil Krishnan of CamBuff.

The stone structure has 56 musical pillars. They actually are musical, as they will each play a different note if they’re gently struck. Because of this, the pillars are known as SaReGaMa, a name derived from the first four notes on the Indian music scale. How amazing is that?

Photo: YouTube/Sunil Krishnan

As explained in the video below, “The pillars, named SaReGaMa, are so-called after the first four notes (svaras) of the standard scale in Indian classical music – similar to the Western Do Re Mi Fa (solfège).”

The footage captured by Krishnan gained him a fair bit of attention, including interest from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, which wanted to use his footage as a part of their show.

Photo: YouTube/Sunil Krishnan

Krishnan said, “The History channel producers from LA contacted me for licencing one of my travel videos. They found my video on YouTube and thought it will be good addition to their ‘Ancient Aliens’ TV series.”

Check out the incredible video below:

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