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7 Things You Definitely Forgot Used To Be Inside Of Your Local Kmart Years Ago

5. There was a health kiosk with a blood pressure monitor

Whether you truly needed to check your blood pressure or just wanted to kill time while waiting for a prescription, did you ever stick your arm in the blood pressure monitor at Kmart?

6. Before there were cell phones with cameras, we often got our photos developed at places like Kmart

Crazy to think in the past you took photos, took them to a store to get developed, waited for the photos and then got them back in envelopes like this. Now we share all of our photos on social media so much faster.

7. Don’t forget those plastic bags. Do you still have any of these lying around?

You probably remember these bags but haven’t seen one in so long.

What else do you remember from Kmart back in the day? Are you sad to see so many Kmarts closing or do you prefer another store like Target or Walmart?

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