6) Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Use a shoe organizer to hold cleaning supplies all within easy reach inside a closet. This is a great idea because your even odd-sized items like dusters and spray bottles can fit into the pouches. No more digging in the dark under the sink if you use this storage solution.

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5) Coded Keys

Don’t waste money on colored keys or key holders – just paint them with different colors of nail polish to keep them straight. If you’re anything like us then you probably have a huge selection of nail polishes at home to try this with!

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4) Organize Cords

Use empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls to organize cords in a box. These improvised sleeves keep everything nice and tidy.

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3) Cover Scratches

Rub a walnut into scratches on furniture and watch them disappear. The natural oils will help to blend away the marks by filling in the divots with a material similar in tone to the wood.

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2) Find a Use for Those Bread Bag Rings

If you have flip flops that have a lose hole where the toe piece straps in, you can use those little plastic bread bag rings on the underside to help get a few more wearings out of them!

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1) Keep Two Cords Together

Tie 2 cords together to keep them from unplugging (this works well for extension cords or Christmas lights.

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