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9 Charming Fads from the 1940s

We all know the fads we grew up with, but the fads from previous generations tend to fall away into the shadows of history. Fads from the ’40s were less publicized than in later decades and also the average family didn’t have much extra money to spend. Still, the term “teenager” was first coined in the ’40s and the disruptive nature of World War II meant that women and teens had more independence and were less supervised than ever before. Read on for 9 charming fads from the ’40s.

9) Painted Eyeglasses

For a short time it was popular for teenaged girls to paint the rims of their eye glasses with red nail polish.

8) Zoot Suits for Young Men

Before the Zoot Suit Riots and the outlaw of excessive fabric consumption, zoot suits were gaining popularity with young men who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

7) Victory Rolls for Ladies

While this hairstyle was short-lived following World War II, the victory roll remains one of the most iconic looks from the ’40s.

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