Did The Inside Of Your Record Player Look Like This One?

My family’s record player didn’t look like this!

As the music industry becomes digitized, there are still purists out there who prefer the soft warmth of an LP over the tinny tones of an mp3. Not only are record labels releasing new albums on vinyl, but record stores are still selling used 12″s and 45s. Some lucky crate-diggers are even finding 78s!

One Youtuber and vinyl collector, Raymond T, has a channel dedicated to his passion of collecting rare 7″s and everything related to it. He even has a 1950’s era Admiral turntable, which he shows off by playing a recording of Peggy Lee singing “Where or When” with the Benny Goodman sextet.

It’s so great to see that this revolutionary technology is still appreciated!

What is your favorite 45?

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