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These 8 Disturbing Things Were Considered Normal in the Victorian Era

We hear a lot about the smog, etiquette, and heavy-handed decor of the Victorian era. But, have you ever stopped to think what daily life was like? We were horrified at some of the what we found out about how the Victorians actually lived. Quite a few of these practices, though disturbing to us today, seem to have been pretty normal to the Victorians.

Wiki Commons

Queen Victoria and her oldest daughter in what is the oldest known photograph of her majesty. Via/ Wiki Commons

8) Post-mortem Photography

As a parting memento, many families opted to have a picture taken of their loved ones after they had died. Because this was sometimes the only picture that was ever taken of an individual, practices that seem strange to us today were employed. Sometimes families posed with their deceased, and at times cheeks were tinted pink in the final prints to imitate the glow of life.

Many post-mortem photographs were taken simply, with the subject lying or sitting down peacefully as above. To grieving families these photos were precious.

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