Nostalgia is at an all-time high right now. It seems like we cannot turn on the radio or open a streaming service without being confronted by a remake of something from our childhood.

While we are happy to come across these shows and songs sometimes, we often end up realizing that we are chasing a feeling that we cannot quite get back. There’s nothing like actually being there.

Photo: TikTok/@rerunthe80s

That’s something that the good folks at Rerun the 80s understand implicitly and it is what makes this compilation such a special one. There’s just something about this clip that we cannot stop running it back over and over again. If you are fortunate enough to have lived through the 80s and/or 90s, you are sure to relate to this one.

There are certain noises that take us right back to these decades and yes, we are aware of the fact that we are aging ourselves.

Photo: TikTok/@rerunthe80s

The sounds that you are about to hear are not commonly heard in the present day, so younger readers will want to prepare themselves accordingly.

You’ll be treated to the sound of a rotary phone, which is one of the many sounds that most people will never hear again.

Photo: TikTok/@rerunthe80s

Cassette tapes and VHS tapes are also included in this compilation because they have to be! The idea that technology would advance to the point where both of these items feel outdated seemed outlandish in the moment but it did not take long at all, in the grand scheme of things.

“Sounds from your childhood! I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are!” says the description. Check it out below:


🔊 Sounds from your childhood! 🔊 I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are! #1980s #1990s #genx #80skid #90skids

♬ original sound – rerunthe80s

That’s very true. We did not even have to be watching this video all that intently to recognize all of the sounds.

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