Elder NJ Resident Obsessed with All Things Purple

For Sandra Ramos purple is a color that vibrates with the right energy for her life. She started her love of everything (and we mean everything) purple when she purchased a pair of purple pants at a secondhand store many decades ago. People told her the pants were too loud and too controversial, which of course made her want to wear as much purple as possible. Since then she has painted her house purple, her garden statues, her appliances, and even dyes her salt and pepper hair to match as well.

About her purple house she says that children love it because their imaginations are still quite strong, but that adults need some convincing.

In 1970 Ramos opened an impromptu battered women’s shelter in her purple home, the first of its kind in North America. Since then she has worked in many shelters and now even in her late ’70s she still runs the Strengthen Our Sisters shelter for victims of domestic violence in Passaic County, New Jersey.

See inside the home of the woman dedicated to helping others -and to living a purple life- in the video below.

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