You Can Now Purchase The Oldest RV In The World At Auction

The antique RV was built on a 1914 Ford model T chassis and it’s still operational to this day.

More and more often, people are downsizing and living life in an RV. It doesn’t matter if they park the RV and live on a small piece of land or if they travel the country to see what they can see, it’s a way of life that many people appreciate.

If you happen to enjoy the RV lifestyle, then you will like knowing that the oldest known motor caravan is going up for sale at an auction. It is being sold at the National Motor Museum in the UK.

Photo: YouTube/EdCAR

According to the listing, the antique RV was built on a 1914 Ford model T chassis that had been modified by coachbuilder Biaco. Just to avoid any confusion, they are calling it a caravan but that is just the British term for an RV.

The owners of the Bentalls Department Store chain are also the ones who commissioned the vehicle. Four people can sleep in it, and it can be traced all the way back to the time when horses and buggies ruled the road.

Photo: YouTube/EdCAR

There are plenty of retro aspects to the RV that you will appreciate. The front seat is fashioned after a leather couch and can easily turn around so you are facing the living area. There is a cast iron stove so you can cook your food in style as well. Even a mail slot is included in the door.

The old coach had been abandoned for many years before it was eventually purchased and refurbished. That happened back in the 1970s and since that time, it has remained operational.

According to Yahoo!Finance, Motorcaravan magazine wrote about the coach in 1987, saying: “The quality of material and workmanship is superb in every way and the result of the restoration is a pleasing and comfortable motor caravan, albeit that it is achieved by different means. However, I do not know of a modern design that provides such a volume of storage space.”

Photo: YouTube/EdCAR

That’s high praise from such a noteworthy authority on the subject.

There are other similar vehicles that have quite a few years on them, but this is thought to be the oldest. According to Fox News, another one was built by Roland Conklin in 1915 but it is no longer in existence. That vehicle had full bathroom facilities, so it is often considered to be the first motor home.

In addition, some authorities on the subject claim that there were others that predated both, but that is still a matter of debate.

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