Jeffrey Dahmer’s Urn Is On The Market For $250K

The urn allegedly holds the ashes of the infamous Milwaukee Monster.

It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that Jeffrey Dahmer memorabilia goes for a pretty penny. Now that he’s back in the public consciousness, there are no shortage of people who are looking for a piece of the pie.

Even superstar rappers like Rick Ross have inquired about their ability to get their hands on a pair of his signature shades. Did you know that you could get your hands on Dahmer’s urn, though?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, it’s on the market and it’s going for $250,000. Taylor James runs the sight that’s selling the urn, Cult Collectibles. According to the New York Post, he told Jam Press: “The Milwaukee Monster’s ash vase is the rarest true crime item I will ever have on this site.”

In addition to the Dahmer piece, he is also selling OJ Simpson artifacts. The urn is the most expensive item that he has available by far. According to the listing, only serious buyers need to be inquiring. There are no payment plans or trades being accepted.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We do not know if this is his actual urn. There is some dispute on the matter. According to the Associated Press, even his own parents could not agree on how to dispose of his cadaver. Joyce Flint, his mother, wanted his brain to be preserved for scientific research. Lionel Dahmer, his father, was on the opposite. He wanted the brain cremated and a judge eventually sided with him on the matter.

His dad remains alive to this day but the exact location of Jeffrey’s remains is not known. If you are unable to purcahse Dahmer’s remains or you have doubts about their authenticity, do not fret. Cult Collectibles has other Dahmer-related items for sale. For $10,000, you can have the Bible that he read while he was incarcerated.

Scary Times shared about the collection on Twitter, you can check out the video below:

“This is a Bible gifted to Jeffrey Dahmer while in prison from a church congregation,” the description reads. “The book has his name embossed on the cover, misspelled as ‘Dalmer.’ Inside the front cover are dedications from children from the church.”

It’ll be interesting to see who ends up with the ashes!

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