Historian Explains Why History Degrees Are More Useful Than People Think

Historian Scott Cork reveals how history degrees can be useful, contrary to popular belief.

While there is a common misconception that history degrees are essentially useless, this recent TikTok is here to explain the situation.

As it turns out, these degrees are actually far more valuable than most people realize. The post that you are about to see comes to us courtesy of a creator named Scott Cork (who goes by @scootcork on TikTok) and it is a must-see.

Photo: Pixabay/Oberholster Venita

He’s a historian and teacher who also happens to have his own podcast. It’s called No Country For History and it is a great listen for all the history buffs. The video has received over 200,000 views and it was delivered as a rebuttal to another TikTok user who referred to history degrees as being “absolutely useless.”

Scooter was not about to accept this and we can fully understand where he was coming from here. First, he starts off by talking about the popularity of history teachers in a college setting. That’s not the only aspect that is worth discussing, either. “A history major teaches you to do a lot of stuff that’s really important for a lot of different jobs,” he shared.

Photo: TikTok/@scootcork

This is something that a lot of people wouldn’t have considered in the past. In his mind, it is important for students to study history because it teaches them how to properly “analyze and critically think.”

“It’s not just memorizing dates and names and places,” Scooter says. “Literally, I had college professors that were like, ‘I don’t care about any of that.’” We have had similar experiences during college and can attest to what Scooter is saying. His professors were not teaching him how to memorize names and dates. They wanted him to learn how to write a thesis and construct evidence-based arguments.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The American History Association backs up these assessments. According to their findings, 18% of those who receive a history degree will go into education. 15% are said to find work in management, while 11% join the legal world. Last but certainly not least, 10% wind up in sales.

Check out his video below:


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