We were not alive to see the transition take place from black and white television to color, but we are not that far removed from the era it happened.

In fact, we had at least one television in our homes growing up that was a black and white model. No, it was not our main television set, before you decide to start teasing us. It was just the one in the kitchen and we hardly ever had it turned on, okay?


All teasing aside, this is the perfect chance to see a major transition for yourself. This is the moment when a news station made a major change, a change that would stand the test of time.

This story takes place all the way back in 1967 (no, we were not alive yet, so don’t ask) and viewers of all ages are sure to be amazed. We have already been sharing this one with our grandparents, as well as our little ones.

Photo: YouTube/Iowa’s News Now

We can’t begin to imagine how awesome this must have been for our grandparents. The television was already such an awesome invention and with this innovation, it somehow managed to get even better. Imagine being used to black and white television and having this amazing surprise sprung on you like this.

This news station is located in Iowa and they did not have to wait until the live broadcast was over, either. They decided to make the switch to color in the middle of a broadcast, which is too funny to wrap our minds around.

Photo: YouTube/Iowa’s News Now
Photo: YouTube/Iowa’s News Now

Can you fathom being at home back in 1967 and watching television, only to see the colors change in the middle of the broadcast?

We would have been losing it. While we were not there for this fateful moment, we are now able to watch it for ourselves. Check it out below: