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Take a Look at This Amazing Vintage Kitchen With an Ice Gun & Pop-Up Broiler

This vintage film reel from the late 1940s shows us a futuristic kitchen with an ice dispenser gun à la Buck Rogers, a shoulder attachment for the kitchen telephone (well before they were standard issue in offices), and a handy pop-up broiler on the stove top! The color clip shows what was seen as the potential for American kitchen at the time: the order and the artistry of a kitchen put to good use and filled with efficient tools for the “little lady.”

We love seeing the color being mixed into margarine (how many remember that!) and then being reshaped into a brick. There’s also a nifty chrome whipped cream maker which whips the cream by pumping the handle. We wouldn’t mind having that useful tool around today. Have a look at the kitchen that science built in the wonderful clip below.

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