Do You Know The History Behind Pizza?

It’s not as clear-cut as some people think.

We all tend to have a favorite food but more than likely, there is one particular food that really tickles your fancy more than any other.

If you were to line up a group of people and ask them what their favorite food was, you would find that many answer in a similar way.

Photo: YouTube/Mental Floss

Pizza is one of the most popular foods, and for a good reason. Not only is it delicious, but it also can be served in so many different ways. This includes adding a variety of toppings, different types of cheese, and even the thickness of the crust.

Although we tend to love pizza and order it regularly, we may not know much about its history. Justin Dodd would like to change that for us. He runs the Mental Floss series, Food History, and he’s going to teach us more about our favorite dish.

Photo: YouTube/Mental Floss

Not only does Justin talk about the history of pizza, but he also talks about some of the myths that are surrounding the food as well. For example, he notes how pizza is close to a pita, meaning its origin is likely somewhere outside of Italy.

Something else that Justin does is talk about different pizzas from different areas in the United States. The oldest pizzeria in the United States is Lombardi’s in New York City.

Photo: YouTube/Mental Floss

Another myth that has always circulated is that the tap water in New York makes pizza taste different. He doesn’t believe it.

In the end, we will learn more about pizza history and some of the truth behind this delicious food. The next time you grab a slice, you can thank Justin for what you know:

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