When we think of pasta, we probably think of Italy. Pasta is synonymous with Italian food, and let’s be honest, the Italians do some pretty cool stuff with pasta.

It’s such a versatile food, as you can make all kinds of sauce and protein combinations to pair with it. And it’s pretty cheap too, so if you’re on a budget, stocking your kitchen pantry with pasta is never a bad idea.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

But how did it become what it is today?

Weird History Food decided to do a deep dive into the history of pasta, in particular looking at its origins – not just in Italy, but in other regions such as the Middle East and Asia.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

The video also took a close look at how the Industrial Revolution popularized pairing pasta with sauce, as well as how immigration introduced pasta to other areas of the world. Completely fascinating!

It explains, “For centuries, the production of pasta has been an art form in Italy. Pasta’s story is also one of trade, culture, and migration on a global scale.”

They also discussed the wide variety of noodles available for specific culinary reasons.

Photo: YouTube/Weird History Food

The video further added, “…pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from slender spaghetti to squat rigatoni noodles. Pasta shapes are not just decorative; many chefs claim that the shape and texture of the pasta will impact the overall dining experience.”

Check out the full video down below:

What do you think? Did you know any of these historical facts about pasta? Let us know!

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