Meet Mickey, The World’s Greatest Jumping Dog

What do you call a dog that can jump almost 10 feet high? You’d call him Mickey and he was once the most talented dog in the world.

If you think a dog’s repertoire of tricks is limited to sit, roll over and play dead, then meet Mickey! This incredible German shepherd was once known as the world’s greatest jumping dog. Thanks to British Pathe’s vast collection of historical clips, you can see this deft little doggy in action in this video footage from the 1930s. This talented dog has amazing jumping (and landing) skills! With the ability to clear a high gate 9 feet, 6 inches tall, we think it is safe to say this old dog doesn’t need to learn any new tricks at all. We love the old-fashioned music. The friendship Mickey seems to share with his owner is evident when Mickey jumps on his back for a piggy-back ride like it’s no big deal at all. Watch the fun video below and get ready to smile!

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