The good folks over at Rhetty for History have taken the time to compile an amazing list and it is our pleasure to pass it along to our readers.

The toys that they shared were all introduced back in the 1960s and 1970s. While some might believe that all of these items are no longer available, many of them still remain in play today.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

This came as a major shock to us, as we expected these toys to be out of style by now. The fact that so many of them are still available was a stunner. Many of the classics that you would expect to see were on hand, as well. That includes the LEGOs that we know and love, the Etch-a-Sketch, and even Lite-Brite. That’s not all that they had in store for us, either.

If you are a fan of skateboards or Pet Rocks, you are to be in heaven. Meanwhile, action figure lovers are sure to be into GI Joe and Stretch Armstrong.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

Christmas is a time for self-reflection and the makers of this video understand that to the fullest. They also know that thinking back to the gifts that we have received in the past is a major part of that equation.

“The holiday season is usually when we reflect back on the year and think about everything we experienced. It’s also a time when we think back to our childhood and remember that magical time at Christmas and the special gifts we received,” the description reads. This video definitely brought back all kinds of memories for us, that is for sure.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

Many of the toys are no longer considered fashionable, especially in an era where children are more likely to have smartphones and/or tablets. That does not mean that they won’t appreciate the toys in this clip, though.

Check out the video below to see for yourself: