9 Sunday Traditions That Make Us Wish We Were Kids Again

Sundays used to have a very different meaning for us as kids growing up. Take a trip down memory lane at how we used to spend this special day.

Sundays had on a whole different tempo when we were kids. They weren’t days for shopping or for running around. You were with your family and your community all day. We have some very good memories of Sundays spent reading after a busy morning and a big meal. Sundays have changed dramatically from what we grew up with. Nowadays, there’s less emphasis on community and the Sunday meal might even be a delivered pizza. Take a look back with us at how we remember Sundays from the good old days!

Sunday Best

Via/ State Archives of Florida

Do kids even own Sunday clothes anymore? We did and our folks were very strict on what we were to wear and how to wear it. Shoes had to be polished, socks and dresses white, dress shirts ironed and all the other details correct. There was no fudging this one, though there were times when we had to make do with a stain or something too small until we could get new clothes. But, we tried our best to look good for Sunday church.

Going to Church

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It wasn’t optional back then. You went to church every Sunday. The sermons were often serious and Sunday school was a dedicated routine. We learned so many fun songs and played fun games there! We’d all stand around afterwards outside the church and talk with our fellow parishioners for a long time.

No Chores

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The bare minimum of work was to be done on Sundays, the chores were supposed to have been done by Saturday. Of course, some things couldn’t be avoided and each house had a different idea of how much work you could or should do. But, for the most part, we honored the Sabbath day.

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