Things We Took for Granted As Kids That Are Now Worth Good Money

5) Cereal Box Toys

From decoder rings to figurines to buttons and toy guns, the free toys in cereal boxes from decades ago have real value these days, some selling for as much as $200. At the low end these cereal prize toys can sell for $10, but even that is quite a bit for something that you got nearly for free at the time!

4) Flip Clock Radios

Some people today find the flipping noise annoying, but for collectors these relics of another age capture the style and function of the 1940s-1980s. We’ve seen these clocks for sale anywhere from $50$1,200 depending on the condition and design.

3) Fruit Crates

These useful boxes certainly weren’t nothing back in the day: they were very useful for storing things! But, they had little monetary value at all. Flash forward to today and these wooden boxes can sell for $50-$100! Not bad for something that most people got for free.

2) Board Games

Vintage board games are a hot selling item these days. Games that are no longer in production, like The Dukes of Hazzard game, Which Witch, or Mall Madness can sell for hundreds of dollars, but most vintage games with unbranded vintage design (like bad gammon and chess) in fair condition have some value.

1) Tin Toys

They were common dime store toys back in the day, but now they can be worth a lot. Some of these toys can sell for thousands of dollars in the current market. The most popular by far are wind-up robots, motorcycles, and cars, but sometimes other toys (like cartoon characters) can also be worth a good amount. The spaceman below sold for $2,032 in late 2018.

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