Turner Prints Are Making a Comeback!

From five and dime stores, to graphic mid-century treasures, these vintage art prints have collectible value. Best known for their innovative pastel images of birds and flowers, rediscover the value of vintage Turner prints.

Among the many classic designs that graced homes in the 1940s and 50s, Turner prints are among the most recognizable by sight. The stencil-like printing and calming colors bring back childhood memories for most of us. Unlike many other mid-century massed-produced prints, Turner prints are now selling for high prices.

taken at Seattle Antiques Market

Made by Turner Manufacturing Company in Chicago, the company is best known for their innovative pastel images of birds and flowers. However, the company made reproductions of historical paintings as well, though these are often not high in value. Turner Manufacturing Company sold their decor items in five-and-dime stores as easily affordable art for the average person. The company sadly went out of business in the 1970s.

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The prints that fetch higher prices are the birds, sometimes with mirrored frames. The high quality of their design, their elegant frames, and the chic color palettes remain a big draw today. Comparable prints from the same time period can cost half as much, and you will find many such pieces in any antique or vintage shop. But true Turner prints are the ones to watch out for.

Turner prints will always be signed, although the signature may not always be obvious at first. Unlike many other art prints, there is no obvious serial notation in plain view and the signature is usually placed so as to blend in with the art itself. Keep in mind that a re-framed Turner may also not have a visible signature.

taken at Seattle Antiques Market

These collectible beauties have come a long way from the five-and-dime stores of the past. They would add style to any room, as long as you love birds and flowers! The most-prized of the Turner pieces can go for $75 and up, while the less popular pieces usually sell for about $20-$30.

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