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Odd and Obscure: Here Are Some 1950s Fads You May Not Have Heard Of!

Trends come and go and we’ve seen our fair share of wacky fads. We’re always surprised at what actually catches on with people! There were a few fads back then which make very little sense today. On the other hand, there were some that no one seems to remember, but which we think were defining moments! Have a look at some of the weirdest and most mysterious fads from the 1950s!

5) Uranium-laced Sand Baths

Arthritic Hands


Touted as a cure for ailments like arthritis, the uranium sand baths all across the country were a “treatment” fad. Patients would sit in radioactive sand and their hands and feet would be placed in it as well. The last of the radioactive fads, the scam drew on a long presumption that health could be obtained from radioactive materials. The sand baths were the latest scheme, but they became very popular. Some treatment centers folded when doubts were cast on the concentration of uranium in the sand, while we’ve heard that some are still open to this day.

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