When we do any type of home renovation, we don’t quite know what to expect when we pull up the floor or open a wall. There might be something unexpected behind it, such as a leaky pipe or another problem.

For a couple in North Yorkshire, England, a home renovation project revealed a very different type of surprise. After pulling up their kitchen floor, they found 264 gold coins in a small container. By the time the story was over, they had an additional $852,000 in their pocket.

Photo: Flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

According to The Sun, the couple thought they were looking at an electrical cord that was buried under the floorboards. When they looked into it a little more closely, it turned out to be a container about the size of a soda can that was filled with coins dated between 1610 and 1727.

The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, reached out to an auction company, Spink & Son. According to The Daily Mail, the company came by their home to look at the coins and they even traced the lineage. As it turns out, there was a family that lived in the home some 300 years previously.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/The Portable Antiquities Scheme/The Trustees of the British Museum License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

The wealthy family from Hall, the Fernley-Maisters, were merchants in the area. Some members of the family even served in parliament in the early 1700s.

At first, the auction told the couple that they could expect about $231,000 for the gold coins. According to NBC New York, however, the coins ended up selling for $852,380 at auction.

According to NBC New York, the auctioneer, Gregory Edmund, said the sale was unique in a number of ways. He said it went well because of “the story of the coins, the method of discovery, and the rare opportunity to buy them at auction.”

Photo: Flickr/Gary Todd License: Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication

One of the coins was even discovered to have a mint error. It should have had CAROLVS printed on it but instead, it was spelled CRAOLVS.

Maybe it’s time to do a renovation project.

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