12 Things We Grew Up With That You Don’t See These Days

Do you ever stop and think about just how much things have changed since we were kids?

5. Sewing Machines

Now we know many of you still own a sewing machine and may in fact use it; if you do, our hats are off to you. However, we were thinking of a time when a sewing machine was less of an instrument for a hobby and more of a necessity. When we were growing up, if you ripped a hole in your jeans, mom would sew it right back up, good as new! Nowadays, things get thrown away too quickly.

6. Home Phones/Landlines

Don’t get us wrong, we love the conveniences a cell phone has to offer. That said, we miss a time when everyone had a landline. It was exciting to pick up the phone and see who was calling; and, if you didn’t want to be disturbed, all you had to do was leave the phone off the hook. Not to mention all the stories you would get from picking up the phone and hearing the other people on a party line!

7. Phone Books

While we’re on the subject of phones, let’s not forget about phone books. Every year, without fail, we’d get the White Pages and the Yellow Pages delivered to our door. However, personal address books are also becoming a thing of the past. When is the last time you dialed a friend’s phone number from memory?

8. Typewriters

I will never forget the sound of a typewriter humming away. Some of you might remember taking typing class in school on a typewriter. Maybe you used one for your first job? Either way, the typewriter is rarely found in homes and workplaces; instead, you’ll most likely have to head to your local antique shop to find one.

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