The Wild, Wild West: Items From, And Inspired By, The American Frontier!

The Wild, Wild West: Items From, And Inspired By, The American Frontier!

We recently stumbled across this old episode of Antiques Roadshow featuring the appraisal of a Stetson Cowboy Hat from 1870, and it got us into an Old West mindset; so we dug through our photo archives and found some really neat items related to the Old West that we thought we’d share with you! But first, check out the clip of the Stenson hat on ARS; the original appraisal was from 1998…can you guess if the value has gone up?

Check out these user-submitted photos…how cool is that photo at the end?

from: Joshua Dugos: “Found these laying around lol”

from: Sylvanne Annie Giguere: “A friend gave us this replica which is old. It will not fire. It is very heavy. He thinks it was used as a stage prop in old movies. It has some engravings on the metal in a triangular area.”

from: Judy Sikorski: “This is one very similar to the one that was used in the movie “Gone with The Wind”…I have only seen one for sale once and that was near Newton, New Jersey. I am so sorry I didn’t buy it.”

from: Jimmy McBay: “Vintage country western, sheet music.”

from: Monica Brouwer: “Anyone have any information about this tin wind-up cowboy?”

from: Hugh Jones: “One of my more favorite recent finds at a local antique fair. . A Perpetual flip calendar for the Lionel train Corp.”

from: Asa Brown: “One more Italian Piece for you to enjoy. My many times Great Grandfathers Spurs from the Italian Cavalry, they could trace back to the 1700s. I just don’t know. What I do know is they are wonderful and they need to go back to Italy where they belong in a Museum.”

from: Mark Soeken: “Two cowboys from circa 1890’s, Dodge City,Ks. I still think the one in the white hat is my grandpa!”