This woman loves vintage clothing and spends a lot of time in thrift stores. However, one article of clothing that she recently came across tells a very sad story and we are here to pass it along to our readers.

Maya Sommer (who goes by @thinklessaboutmen on TikTok) is the one who is sharing this tale of woe. She happens to be a curator of vintage clothing.

Photo: TikTok/@thinklessaboutmen

When she recently found a leather jacket at the thrift store, she never could have predicted what would end up happening next. While most would have mistaken this for a mere article of clothing, this jacket had quite the story to tell. The backstory that you are about to learn about is rather emotional, so be sure to have some tissues at the ready.

“I still can’t really process what I have in my possession,” Maya says in her video. “I found this leather jacket at a thrift store on Tuesday, and I bought it excitedly and quickly because it fit me really well. When I got home, I went to try on the jacket, and I felt that there were some things in the pocket.” We cannot begin to imagine her level of surprise here.

Photo: TikTok/@thinklessaboutmen

One of the items that she found was a pocket journal that was clearly very old. The dates extended all the way back to 1971. It is a small wonder that the journal was even able to survive for as long as it did.

“ONE Week has passed and Dianne has not called or wrote me,” reads the excerpt in question. “Monday, November 22, 1971: Today would have been our 9th anniversary. And 10 yr. together. I got drunk by myself,” she continued.

Photo: TikTok/@thinklessaboutmen

“Dianne and I made love this morning before she went to work,” another page reads. “I took her to breakfast and then to work. I kissed her before I left her off. I did not know that that would be the last time I would see her.”

From there, she went through more pockets, in hopes of learning more. “At this point, my heart was racing, and I could feel the heartbreak that was stored in this jacket,” she said.”So I reached in to find out if anything else was in there, and I found these three silver dollars from 1921. Then, I reached into the other pocket, and I found this little shot-size bottle of Seagram’s Canadian whiskey from 1966.”

To learn more about this jacket, please be sure to check out Maya’s touching TikTok video:


This might be the most special artifact I’ve ever thrifted. #1970s #1960s #timecapsule #vintage #heartbreak

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