10 Things We Really Wanted To Be When We Grew Up

We all wanted to be one of these when we were kids!

There were so many fun games when we were little. But, one of the most fun by far was playing dress up. We got to pretend to be grown-ups and choose the most glamorous and heroic jobs of all time. These are still the best games that kids today play, too! Here are some of the people we wanted to be when grew up.

1) Cowboy

It’s so easy to imagine being a cowboy. You ride horses all day, practice shooting guns, and yell a lot while lassoing something, right? John Wayne made it look like such a noble job. We had no idea what it really took to be a cowboy. It was a fun game, though!

Via/ State Archives of Florida

2) Astronaut

When the profession was brand new, being an astronaut seemed like a wonder-filled adventure. Who wouldn’t want to wear a spacesuit and walk on the moon? We were glued to the TV when any news of astronauts came on!

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3) Ballerina

All the tutus and glitter, the elegant movements, and the beautiful dancers made us want to be the star of Swan Lake. Not everyone can be a prima ballerina, but we can all dream!

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4) President

How many little kids have dreamed of being the president of the United States? It seems like such a great job when you’re a kid: getting driven around, traveling the world, and having the final say-so in what goes on the White House.

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5) Movie Star

We had so many favorite actors and actresses growing up since we were at the movies all the time! We wanted to capture just a bit of that glamor and star quality that them so special. All the movie premiers, the fancy clothes, and perfect hairdos made nearly every girl or boy dream big.

Via/ Library of Congress

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