The 10 Sounds of Summer That Will Instantly Take You Back To Being A Kid

4) Sizzling Grill

You don’t hear this sound all year. It’s a summertime event. So many families grilled as much as possible every summer. Back then it seemed like there was a cookout every week at least!

Burgers Sizzling on the Grill

Via/ Flickr

3) Jump Rope Songs

There were so many songs we sang while playing jump rope. The sound of the songs mixed with the clack of the jump rope to create a defining soundscape from childhood. The hopscotch songs and other games added to the voices heard throughout the neighborhood each summer.

Jump Rope in the Summer Sun

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2) Creaky Swing Set

The park swing set, the homemade tree swing, or the rusty thing in your neighbor’s backyard, the creaking sounds of swinging will always be a part of summer for most of us. Remember when you’d swing as high as you could or jump mid-swing? Those were the days!

Swing Set with Clouds

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1) Neighborhood Baseball Games

Gone are the days when most neighborhoods had spontaneous games of baseball in the street or in the local park. This used to be a favorite past time every day of summer. Any game had potential, but baseball was the best for street playing, hands down! This is the one we will miss most of all.

Kids playing Baseball at a Park Circa 1970s

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We do a lot of things differently these days and kids no longer have the whole summer to run free and play all day. It’s a pity that this way of life is gone now because those summers were so spectacular! These were the best times of the whole year and we will never forget those long days of wild fun as kids. These delightful sounds were the background for the whole summer and what a time we had!

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