The 10 Sounds of Summer That Will Instantly Take You Back To Being A Kid

7) Lawn Mowers

This sound still takes me back every time! The endless hours of mowing the lawn every summer were just enough to keep the grass from getting too tall. It grew so fast. Plus, all the older kids were looking for summer work, so there seemed to be more yard work than any other time. The neighborhood would practically be humming!

6) Portable Radios

Seems like everywhere you’d go in summer, someone had a radio going: backyards, on bicycles, front porches, the beach and anywhere else music was needed. There was kind of an aimless quality to it, always in the background, marking the time as officially summer.

Vintage Portable Transistor Radio

Via/ Flickr

5) Bike Bells

This sound ringing down the sidewalk or in the middle of the street was like a happy announcement. We love the old-fashioned bicycle bells that ring like a school bell. Gangs of little kids on bikes might be ringing them all at once for a sound that was pure joy.

Vintage Bicycle Bell

Via/ Flickr

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