The ’80s was a decade filled with many different kinds of fashion, from bellbottoms at the top of the decade to neon spandex and splatter jeans by the end of it. At the forefront of the world of fashion were teens and preteens, a departure from previous decades’ adoration of the fashion of adult women who had “earned” the right to be fashionable. But, watch any movie aimed at teens from the ’80s and the experience was flipped: young people were now driving fashion. And, who better to comment on that than one of the biggest teen stars of the decade- Molly Ringwald!

Via: YouTube/Harper’s Bazaar

In this informative video shot for Harper’s Bazaar Ringwald goes over some of her iconic fashion looks over the decades- including red carpet looks and outfits from some of her ’80s films. She says she stands by many of her fashion choices, but that ’80s hair styles can stay in the past. But, there’s one dress in particular that she disliked so much that it made her cry. “I really hated it,” she said of the garment. Pretty strong words for someone who still loves ’80s fashion to this day!

Have a look at her reviews of her fashion looks over the years (and the infamous dress) in the video below.

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