The 10 Sounds of Summer That Will Instantly Take You Back To Being A Kid

There are certain sounds that take us right back to when we were kids. These summertime sounds will always remind us of childhood in summer.

Sometimes a single day of summer could stretch out and encompass all the high hopes we had about summer vacation. The lead-up to getting out of school was insanity and the summer days were like medicine. Up and down the street, all summer long, the sounds reminded us that it really was summer! Gone too quickly each year, we can still remember the noises of the neighborhood. So many happy memories! Here are ten of our favorite summer sounds from childhood.

10) Splashing

Via/ Flickr

It seemed like all summer long, there would be the sound of water splashing: from kids in baby pools, from the sprinklers and the folks watering their gardens and lawns, from kids just playing with the garden hose or jumping in puddles. The whole neighborhood seemed to run on water for the summer.

9) Crickets

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As the sun finally went down, the sound of crickets would serenade your last waking moments. On those rare occasions we were up late (usually 4th of July or maybe birthdays), we got to play and jump and hide to the music of crickets and it was a truly magical thing!

8) Fireworks

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For a good while before and after Independence Day, the sound of fireworks would echo down the street. Usually it was just a few firecrackers or bottle rockets. As kids, we never seemed to get tired of the endless array of novelty fireworks available or the noise of it all!

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