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From Cap Guns To Fresh Laundry, These Smells Bring Back A Wave Of Memories!

8) Chlorine From the Pool

You’d come home from a day at the pool to find your skin and towels and bathing suit all smelled of chlorine. As if all the splashing and screaming had followed you home, the smell lingered in a wonderful way. It was one of the few times when chlorine was a great scent!

Splashing Jump Into the Pool

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7) Fresh Cut Grass

What on earth could be better than this smell? Running across lawns and even rolling in the cut grass were some of our favorite things as kids. Even the smell of a grass stain could be savored in the light of summer.

6) Laundry From the Line

Clothes dried in the sunshine carry a smell that says where they’ve been. It’s not just the smell we remember: countless hours spent running in and out of the sheets on the line and using them as cover for hide and seek or for a pretend gun fight. Fabric softener’s got nothing on this fresh, sparkling scent!

Laundry Hanging on the line

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5) Sun Tan Lotion

How could anyone ever forget? That strong-smelling lotion was probably only SPF 4 and you’d get slathered in it every summer. Back when tan lines were the bee’s knees, this was summer in a bottle.

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