From Cap Guns To Fresh Laundry, These Smells Bring Back A Wave Of Memories!

What is a summer made of? The smells of summer always take us back!

There is nothing like the smells of summer to bring back memories. When we were kids, we pretty much spent the whole summer outside and the aromas of the summer were unmistakeable signs that summer was really here. Just like fallen leaves in autumn smell like nothing else, so do these amazing scents. Even today, getting a whiff of these things can bring back a world of long summer days spent climbing every tree and handling every caterpillar. Here are twelve of our very favorite smells from summers past.

12) Watermelon

The first big watermelon of the season was one of the best things about summer. We’d all dig into the freshly cut melon like there was no tomorrow, juice running down our chins. The smell drifting through the air let everyone know it was time for this summer treat.

Via/ Flickr

11) Cap Guns

This is one smell that is so distinctive! You always knew who had been playing cap guns by this sulfurous smell! Toy gun fights might last for a long time, but there was always that sad moment when you realized you had run out of cap rolls.

Via/ Library of Congress

10) Water Balloons

That powdery smell in the air meant that someone was probably lurking around a corner to ambush you. We had so many water balloon fights as kids, but there was always the surprise attack when someone got you good!

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9) Bubble Gum

Gumballs from the machine, maybe a bit of the color melted in your hand or on your face, the smell wafting around. Those were the days: back when a penny could bring you no small amount of joy! Such a sweet memory!

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