Schoolboy Finds $13,000 Watch On The Beach And Reunites It With Owner

A 79-year-old man lost his $13,376 Cartier Santos watch while taking a swim at Balmoral Beach, but 10-year-old Josh made sure it wasn’t missing for long.

Sydney’s Balmoral Beach was the setting for this incredible find and you will not believe your eyes. This young man’s great luck has to be seen to be believed, though.

This schoolboy happened to be at the beach in the midst of a frantic search for a very pricey vintage watch. A 79-year-old man lost it while taking a morning dip and everyone banded together to help him out.

Photo: Flickr/Simon_sees License: CC BY 2.0

After all, he was not about to let this $13,376 Cartier Santos watch go without a fight. According to 7 News, he had taken off the watch and placed it in his shorts’ pocket before getting into the water. An hour later, he was calling his son, Justin, frantically. The watch was gone and he did not know where it had gone.

“Dad was in a real state and very upset,” Justin shared, according to the Mosman Collective.

Photo: Flickr/Jolene Thompson License: CC BY 2.0

“He parks in the same spot and swims in the same spot every day, but even after retracing his steps, [the watch] couldn’t be found,” the concerned son continued. They raked the sand and searched frantically, but to no avail. At this time, they decided to enlist lost item snorkeler Meggan Brummer.

Meggan shared on Facebook that she deployed her son, Josh, to help in the hunt as well.

“I got told from my parents that there was a watch lost down (there),” Josh said, according to the Mosman Collective. Once school was out for the day, he went to the beach, bringing his trusty shovel and a metal detector along for the trip. According to his mother, they “weren’t too hopeful, given the watch was so valuable and had been missing for the entire day.”

That’s what makes what happened next so amazing. Josh found the watch within one minute. That’s how quickly he was able to pick up the signal.

Photo: Facebook/Meggan Brummer

“I dug down about [7 inches] and there was the watch right near the steps that lead onto the beach,” he shared with te outlet. It was a big shock to him at first but he knew that the watch had to be very valuable.

“As soon as I saw it, I became very excited – I knew I would be able to make the sad man happy again,” he said. We just love a story that has a happy ending. In order to thank the young man for his hard work and scrupulous honesty, he was given some pocket money. Thanks to his efforts, this old man was reunited with one of his most prized possessions.

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