The United States Postal Service Is Releasing A Stamp In Honor Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The stamp was unveiled during the announcement of the USPS 2023 stamps.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made quite an impression on the world around her, hasn’t she? We hope to make one-tenth of the impact that she has had.

Now, she is going to be memorialized in postage stamp form. The United States Post Office has revealed its new postage stamps for 2023 and we love to see the notorious RBG among them.

Photo: flickr/LBJ Library

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg deserves this honor if we do say so ourselves. She spent 27 years serving on the Supreme Court, getting her start in 1993. She served up until her death. If we are being honest, we still have a hard time believing that she is really gone. It is tough to wrap your mind around because she has felt like such a fixture over the course of our entire lives.

We cannot remember when she was not a Supreme Court Justice. That’s why we are so glad to see that the United States Post Office is taking these steps. We cannot wait to get our hands on these stamps and next year cannot come fast enough. The United States Post Office has more about this latest development, though.

Photo: United States Postal Service

“After beginning her career as an activist lawyer fighting gender discrimination, Justice Ginsburg became a respected jurist whose important majority opinions advancing equality and strong dissents on socially controversial rulings made her a passionate proponent of equal justice and an icon of American culture,” they said in a recent statement.

It is hard to sum up her life in a few words but they have done the best that they can.

Photo: flickr/European University Institute

The stamp is going to feature an oil painting of Ginsburg. Of course, she is clad in her traditional black robe and white collar.

She is not the only one who is being honored by the United States Post Office with this latest stamp collection. Toni Morrison, Chief Standing Bear, and Ernest J. Gaines are also going to be included in next year’s new commemorative stamps.

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