Photo Round-Up: Some Of Our Favorite Collectible Plates

Photo Round-Up: Some Of Our Favorite Collectible Plates

from: Linda P: “My Norman Rockwell plate”

Commemorative and limited-editionplates are perfect collectors’ items for a number of reasons: they’re precious, beautifully decorated and often times celebrate a specific moment or event in history. Some plates get their themes from holidays, such as Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas plates, while others are more whimsical, like Disney souvenirs. Check out the following photosof some of our favorite collectible plates.

from: Linda P: “Another Thomas Kinkade plate”

from: Linda P: “My Thomas Kinkade Christmas plate”

from: Linda P: “Snow White”

from: Linda P: “My collectible plate from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame “

from: Linda P: “My Peter Pan collectible plate”

from: Tammy Butler: “I have this plate. I bought it at a thrift store and thought it was beautiful. The only thing I know is that it is Pirken-hammer Austria from the mark on the back. Do you know what it’s worth? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.”

from: Sheila Anderson Boice: “I found this plate at a thrift store today and I can’t find anything on it. It has a Asian style stamp along with English which reads : May poison food Decorative use only. its heavy with a metal decorative rim. Thanks “