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The Story Behind The Original Gerber Baby

It is easily one of the most recognizable logos in the whole world. Gerber products have been used for generations by parents who want only the best for their children. The sweet face, looking up so aware and so full of hope, epitomizes the best wishes of parents. The sketched image was drawn by Dorothy Hope Smith and submitted to the Fremont Canning Company for their contest to choose a new logo in 1928. Her drawing was chosen and the new Gerber brand became well-known almost overnight. The real story here? The sketch was not a made-up face, but was the portrait of an infant named Ann Turner Cook and you can meet her in the video below. We think it’s really fun that we also get to see the baby for whom the strained and canned baby food was first invented, Sally Gerber. Have a look at this interesting video below!

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