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See Inside the Old Grist Mill That Still Sits Along the Erie Canal

Very few people these days have ever had the chance to see an old grist mill in action. Alexander’s Grist Mill in Cuyahoga County of Ohio is one such place and we’ve found some vintage photos of this important (and still standing) historical mill. Come take a tour of this old grist mill, one of only handful that remain to this day.

Take a Tour of the Old Grist Mill

Alexander’s Mill is known as Wilson’s Feed Mill today. Via/ Library of Congress

Take a Tour of the Old Grist Mill

Headgate for the water turbine in foreground. Via/ Library of Congress

Mills were once essential to farming communities and the mills themselves became central landmarks for miles around. Mills that did custom orders, like Alexander’s Mill, were essential to farming families because they would process whatever grains were brought to them and variable batch sizes.

Take a Tour of the Old Grist Mill

The Wilson family bought the mill in 1900 and their descendants still own and operate the mill today. Pictured above is Thomas R. Wilson working in the mill circa 1940. Via/ Library of Congress

Take a Tour of the Old Grist Mill

Quite a few additions and changes happened over the years. This photo shows the new grain elevator and additional retail store that were added in the ’50s. Via/ Library of Congress

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