There are some sounds that just take us right back to being a kid, watching TV with the family or playing outside with our friends. From the toys we played with to the jingles our whole family would sing around the house, these sounds have us feeling like kids every time we hear them.

Bike Bells

We loved making the bell ring on our bikes and trikes and the joyful sound could be heard all up and down the block because us kids were on our bikes as much as humanly possible!

Via/ Flickr

Popping Bubble Gum

The sticky, yummy, gooey mess that we created when we popped our bubbles was totally worth it. We were too proud of ourselves to worry about getting dirty!

Via/State Archives of Florida

Oscar Mayer Wiener Song

If there was an unofficial anthem to our childhoods this song was most certainly in the running for top theme! It so catchy that we sang it around the house, after school, on camping trips, and or even just walking down the street! Just try not to sing along with the video below. We dare you.

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