Rice Krispies

We loved crunchy sounds as kids, but really that wonderful sound just after the milk is poured on was always the absolute best. It was tempting to even hold your ear up to the bowl! But, wait too long and they’d get all soggy. We couldn’t get enough of these back then!

Via/ Wiki Commons

The Sound of a Metal Slinky

There is no sound like that of a metal slinky making its way down a set of stairs. The jingling-whirring sound was usually followed by laughter or the patter of feet down the stairs to follow it!

Via/ Flickr

Avon Calling!

Even when we were too young to sell the stuff, “Avon calling” was a catch phrase we heard a lot growing up! Seems like a lifetime ago that a salesperson could knock on a door and someone would answer and even invite them in!

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