The Egyptian pyramids have always been a mystery, and it is difficult to say what is still hidden inside or underneath those ancient structures.

For centuries, archaeologists and Egyptologists have looked into different methods of determining what may be found without harming the structures themselves.

Photo: Flickr/GPA Photo Archive License: CC BY 2.0

In October 2015, a new initiative got started with an international audience. It was known as the ScanPyramids Project, and it was set to look at the Egyptian pyramids more in-depth using non-destructive techniques.

They’ve been using the techniques off and on since it got its start, but recently, they were able to uncover something fascinating. It was a yet undiscovered corridor in the great pyramid of Giza that hadn’t been seen in over 4500 years.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

According to National Geographic, a void was found in 2017 and announced by a team of researchers. It was found above the Grand Gallery of the Khufu pyramid. After making that discovery, the group began looking at other parts of that pyramid, particularly the North face and surrounding area.

After taking measurements, they discovered a void over the Descending Corridor. It was named the ScanPyramids-North Face Corridor (SP-NFC).

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Additional research was then conducted prior to releasing two scientific articles about the discovery to give details of what was inside. This included an image from inside of SP-NFC.

It’s always fascinating when they uncover a piece of history that hasn’t been seen in eons. Who knows what we have yet to uncover in these ancient pyramids?

You can learn more in the video below:

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