If you’ve never heard of Margaret Keane’s story, it’s really quite the tale. Her ex-husband Walter would sell her paintings, claiming to be the artist. However, in 1970 she announced to the public that she was the real artist behind these famous paintings, and eventually sued Walter for slander. In court, the judge ordered both Margaret and Walter to create a painting in order to determine who was telling the truth. While Walter declined the challenge, citing a sore shoulder, Margaret created a painting in just 53 minutes.

Keane’s story has been portrayed in the media, most recently by the Tim Burton motion picture “Big Eyes,” where she was played by Amy Adams. Here, one of her signature big eyes paintings is brought into “Antiques Roadshow” and appraised. See how much it’s worth in the clip below, and let us know if you would take the money, or hold onto this historic painting!