The Innocent Mischief We Used to Get Up To

Nothing compares to play time when we were kids!

They might not have been reasons for mom to get out the wooden spoon, but these were the types of mischief we got into back in the Good Old Days. They seem innocent compared to the things you hear about these days, but we had the most fun!

“Saving” Your Lollipop for Later

Fuzzy lollipops were a common sight in our house growing up. Back then we considered a little pocket lint to be no big deal while the grownups around us were a bit horrified.

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Reading with a Flashlight Under the Covers

It was so much fun to stay up and read Nancy Drew or the Box Car Children with a flashlight under the covers at night. But, somehow we always got caught!

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Breaking a Window By Accident

This was no small matter, but it was bound to happen since the neighborhood kids played ball in the street on a regular basis.

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Sneaking Out of Your Dress Shoes After Church

Even if you couldn’t wiggle out of your Sunday best, getting those shoes off under the table was such a relief!

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Leaving the Hose On

We spent a lot of time at the spigot growing up, so it was no surprise that it got left on sometimes. Mom was never happy about that one!

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