The Innocent Mischief We Used to Get Up To

With summers full from dawn to dusk with outdoor play we got dirty, swung too high, and raced our bikes from corner to corner. There will never be anything like being a kid in the ’50s and ’60s!

Making the Swing Set Rock

The thrill of making the legs come up was too much! We had to try it nearly every time.

Leaving Your Bike Outside

Or your tricycle. The folks always said how it would rust if we didn’t put them away.

Standing Up on the Swings at Recess

Seems like some adult was always telling us not to stand up on the swings. But, man, was it fun to swing like that!

Innocent Mischief We Used to Get Up To

Via/ Flickr

Losing Your Hat or Other Piece of Clothing

Ok, this one was kind of a big deal because our parents often didn’t have a lot of extra money to replace items if we lost them. I can still remember my grandmother scolding me righteously for losing a pair of red hand-knit mittens!

Tracking Mud In

We spent so much time outside running around barefoot or splashing in puddles, it was no wonder we tracked in quite bit of dirt!

Innocent Mischief We Used to Get Up To

Via/ Flickr

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