The Story Behind Three Iconic (and Sugary) Breakfast Foods

It was normal to go school buzzing with sugar back then.

Of all the foods to chow down on in the morning, the sugary treats of childhood decades ago were among the most exciting. Today, having a sugary breakfast is not advised and there are fewer and fewer of these treats in many cereal aisles. But, during the 1980s and 1990s it was the heyday of the sweet breakfast, tailor made for (and marketed towards) kids.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Some of the most popular ready-made breakfast items of the day were frozen Eggo waffles, Nesquik, and the ever-exciting Toaster Strudel. While these foods might seem more like dessert to many families today, at the time they came out they were seen as quite the convenience for breakfast, especially for busy households that had to see multiple kids out the door fed each morning.

Have you ever wondered how these foods were dreamed up, though? As it turns out, Nesquik has strong ties to the Army and Toaster Strudel was actually invented in the 1970s. Find out more about these classic breakfast treats in the video below.