Did You Know 1930s Golf Fans Could Race To Get The Winner’s Golf Ball?

A video from the 1937 PGA Championship shows just how much the game has changed over the years.

Golf is not a sport that we tend to associate with raucous displays of fandom. In fact, it is a sport that we associate with good behavior and remaining quiet.

They even have someone on hand whose job it is to shush people who are being too loud. What we did not know is that golf used to encourage people to get all rowdy. This ancient tradition has us laughing hysterically.

Photo: Facebook/Golf Digest

In the 1930s, the golfing fandom landscape was a lot different than it is today. The video that you are about to see is insane and there is no way for you to prepare yourself for it. It takes place at the 1937 PGA Championship.

On the 37th hole, Dennis Shute was able to defeat Jug McSpaden. We would totally root for Jug McSpaden if he existed in the present day but we digress. This is already fun clip in and of itself but we have not even gotten to the best part yet. You see, the spectators used to be given carte blanche to interfere with the game.

Photo: Facebook/Golf Digest

No, they could not do anything during the actual shot itself. The real pandemonium would take place once the tournament was won. Once the ball rolls into the hole, all bets are off. Anyone could run out onto the golf course and help themselves to the ball. This hardly sounds real and that’s why we had to include the video.

In case you think that this was a one-time-only thing, there is a second clip in the video that you are about to watch and the ending is quite similar.

Photo: Facebook/Golf Digest

It looks like something out of a movie. We can hardly believe what we are seeing, so we had to share it with our readers.

If we are being fully honest, we would probably watch far more golf in the present day if this was still a thing. Can you imagine having the chance to jostle with your fellow spectators?


Social media would be ablaze and the clips would be circulating like wildfire.

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