There are so many neat film effects that we will never discover the secrets behind. But, once in a while you get the low down on how those astonishing scenes from films actually get made. The amazing dancing on the ceiling scene from Royal Wedding still amazes audiences to this day. But, how did they do it?

In the video below, we get to see how the “room” in which Astaire performed was altered to get the correct camera angles. The folks over at Bigfott Studios have done some wizardry of their own to create this composite video which shows how the scenery would have been rotated at intervals timed just so in order for Astaire’s choreographed dance to make him appear in the right place at the right time (or rather, in the wrong place, like dancing on the ceiling). In order to achieve this feat, the filmmakers had the whole thing inside a steel cage and strapped the props and camera men down as everything except Astaire rotated. Check it out below. And, if you’d like to find out about Old Hollywood makeup secrets click here.