Man Restores Cassette Tape He Found Outside Only To Discover It’s A Film About Him

In classic horror film style, the man picks up the tape he found and reassembles it into a working VHS, and then puts it into his VCR to watch.

There are all kinds of horror movies, but the “found footage” type is perhaps the creepiest kind of all. There’s just something about the style that makes it easy for the viewer to insert themselves into the film, making for a very creepy viewing experience.

Everyone knows of the big names in found footage films, such as The Blair Witch Project or the series of Paranormal Activities.

Photo: flickr/Andrés Fevrier

There are also short films that fall into the found footage category, and some of them can be just as delightful as the big hits.

Take filmmaker Greg Murphy’s short, for example. It’s a masterfully creepy take on the found footage using actual discarded videotape footage.

Photo: YouTube/Greg Murphy

Before everything became downloadable online, we used to use VHS cassette tapes to watch movies. Good times, do you remember? Well, Murphy’s short film features a man who finds a crumpled strip of a cassette tape on the side of the street.

In classic horror film style, the man picks it up and brings it home where he reassembles the tape into a working VHS cassette tape and then puts it into his VCR to watch.

Photo: YouTube/Greg Murphy
Photo: YouTube/Greg Murphy

The film shows visual static before revealing the same exact man picking up the film and going through the motions.

Watch below:

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