It’s not a question of whether we like RH’s vintage framed 19th Century Maps of Paris. It’s a question of whether we can afford it.

RH’s vintage map of Paris really brings a room together — but at what price?

That said, if you happen to think that forking out a few thousand bucks for a framed map is within your budget, then more power to you. Here you go, order away: $3595 LETTS MAP OF PARIS | RH.COM for the eight foot wide model, or $1395 LETTS MAP OF PARIS | RH for the five foot wide model.

The rest of us are left to use RH’s storerooms and phone book-inspired catalogues as inspiration for our own versions of the high-end bespoke designs on display. (My wife calls these my Franken-map projects, but we’ll try and clean it up here for your benefit).

Today, we’ll show you how to locate and download your own vintage map; we’ll show you how to upload your map to an online framing company; and we’ll walk you through the ordering process. In the end, you’ll have your own vintage matted-and-framed RH-style map delivered to you within a week at 1/20th the price charged by your RH’s and Pottery Barns.

NEXT: How to Make Your Own Vintage Framed Map – for $1100 less than Restoration Hardware!

STEP 1: 1. Get some inspiration at RH’s Map Gallery

Restoration Hardware’s Map Gallery features elegant framed vintage maps of the world. It’s great for inspiration.

The online gallery features hundreds of vintage frames maps ranging in price from several hundred dollars to over $5K – and ranging in framed width from as little as 24” to as large as over eight feet.

While you’re here, take a few notes on the types of maps you like. I’m talking about vintage (the year it was produced), the place (is it Chicago… or maybe Lisbon?) and the rough size you’d prefer. Jot these notes down and head over to step two.