Dinners of the Decades- a Look at How Much Supper Has Changed Over the Years

These dishes bring back wonderful memories of sitting down with the family to eat.

What we eat has changed a lot over the years. From down home cooking to more exotic flavors, our tastes have changed as a nation. And what we eat has certainly been influenced by which foods are available. Have a look at how much dinner has changed throughout the decades. Some of these dishes are unknown to folks these days!

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In the ’30s times were tight for most people. Foods from other countries had not caught on as most families were cobbling together meals from whatever they had on hand. One common dish was Hoover stew, a soup made often made from hot dogs and macaroni, but easily adaptable to whatever else might have been in the cupboard.

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Other recipes used shortcuts to make up for missing ingredients, like this apple pie recipe with only one crust and the famous Wacky cake (which has no butter, milk, or eggs).

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One more common dish from the ’30s was creamed chipped beef or (as some servicemen came to call it- S.O.S.). This one is a great way to make a little bit of meat go a long way with some white gravy. Find the recipe right here.

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