Fun Decor You Just Don’t See Much Anymore

Do you remember how cute these looks were?

There are so many fun things we remember about how our parents and their parents decorated their homes. It seemed like fun and joyful objects were all around us. From the bright colors to the unique designs, even the most modest of home probably had a few of these cheerful things! Here are 14 wonderful decor items that you just don’t see that much anymore.

1) Swank Bar Sets

The complete set would have everything you needed from bottle opener to swizzle sticks!

Via/ Flickr

2) Fiberglass Lampshades

There were faux rawhide, spun fiberglass, and gold speckled fiberglass styles among many others.

Via/ Flickr

3) Tiki Decor

Via/ Flickr

Tiki bars, tiki cups, and tiki fabric were once wildly trendy.

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